Back in 1990, if you wanted to get your band onto fresh-faced community TV platform The Gig, you had to mail your demo tape into a PO Box. And that’s apparently exactly what a bunch of Cali goofballs named No Doubt did.

Appearing on stage seven-strong (the poor, squished little horn section do get appropriately nutty with what space they have), this performance sounds like a tinny neighbourhood basement jam… until the undeniable star power of Gwen Stefani saunters up to the mic.

Here you can watch them play two tracks – Up Yours and Big City Train – and at the end there’s a little interview section in which super cute 21-year-old Gwen nervously stumbles over the words “Spanky’s Cafe.”

It would only be a few months after this performance that the group – then still tripping their way from small stage to small stage in their native Anaheim, California and trying to get signed – would meet Tomny Ferguson of the newly minted label Interscope Rercords, who’d reel them in for a multi-album deal.