In ‘What’s the Story’, we look back at the stories behind some of our favourite album covers. This month it’s Jack Ladder and the Dreamlanders’ graphic-art gem, Hijack! (2021).

As a former protégé of celebrated Sydney designer and publisher Mark Gowing, Tim Rogers (AKA Jack Ladder) was well-placed to design the cover of his sixth album, 2021’s Hijack! (a task he’s undertaken for all previous albums with his band the Dreamlanders, in fact).

During the art design stage of the album, the musician began to muck about with the letters in its title, and suddenly little layers of visual magic emerged. “There was something that happened when I was just playing with the repeat, and different types of stacking,” Rogers told the Australian Financial Review earlier this year. “I was finding it quite meditative, shifting letters around and looking at the patterns. I liked how the ‘H’ made its own sort of ladder. It was just an experimentation in form.

“It felt quite emotional. Giving each letter its own personality creates a sense of character, and drama, and negative space, which the record is about.”

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