Xenoula self titledEveryone is hallucinating all of the time. The words on the page, the window behind you, the conversation you just overheard, are sensory inputs used by the brain to make a version of reality. But what if it were different?

Xenoula’s debut self-titled album could be the answer. It’s a full-length exercise in curiosity and imagination, exploring the world through music. Romy Xeno’s record blends memories of her childhood in South Africa with impressions of Europe and experiences in the UK; all were recorded and documented in a peaceful studio in the north of Wales with friend and producer Sam Dust (AKA LA Priest, one half of Soft Hair). Songs are biographical and mythical in content, filled with both recognisable and unfamiliar styles. The spacious synth-pop of Caramello, for instance, leads to the haunting percussive interlude Dawn Bunny, which in turn guides us to the subtle bossa shuffle and tropical dub-pop of She Ghosts.

Xenoula is out December 1 via Domino/EMI.

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