We’re a knowledgeable lot here at STACK HQ, having been at the forefront of the home entertainment industry since the ancient days of VHS, audio cassettes, celluloid film, and the Sega Megadrive. The team behind the long-running industry trade publication ScreenPrint and one of Australia’s only retail DVD magazines, REGION 4, is the same one that brings you STACK, and that means decades of experience and an ongoing commitment to keeping you informed and entertained. With a passionate and dedicated crew comprising movie buffs, gamers, TV addicts, music connoisseurs and cinemagoers, we’re doing what we love, and hope you love what we’re doing.

Paul Jones   Editor-in-Chief

Banned from watching Disney films as a kid by his father, Paul was raised on a diet of Sam Peckinpah, John Ford and Stanley Kubrick. An obsession with music developed before he could talk, and he spent far too much of his youth thumping buttons in video game arcades.

Scott Hocking   Film Editor

An irrepressible and iconic presence in the home entertainment industry for decades, Scott grew up on a diet of horror, exploitation and ’70s classics at the drive-in. A reclusive genius, he has also travelled extensively and now resides in an undisclosed location somewhere in Australia. That’s him on the right.

Zoë Radas   Music Editor

Zoë is a music, film and pop-culture journalist who likes skipping rope. She doesn’t have a definitive mental list of all her interview subjects, but usually remembers to mention Ralph Fiennes and Peaches.

Amy Flower   Games/Online Editor

Video games, movies, TV shows, music, tech – if it’s entertaining and involves sitting on her bum, Amy’s up for it. Or, perhaps more accurately, down for it.

Glenn Cochrane –  Social Media Manager 

With a penchant for 1980s cinema and an unhealthy obsession with second-rate sequels, Glenn is the one film journalist willing to confess his love for Caddyshack 2. He also cites Weekend At Bernies 2 as a guilty pleasure (but hasn’t told the STACK bosses yet). His work has also appeared in various publications, on television and on his own regular podcast.

Bob Jones   Features Writer

Bob J is STACK‘s resident expert on film history. Based in the UK, he has been contributing film editorial for publications since the early ’70s. Every month, Bob J scours his vast library of film literature to select quiz questions that can’t be easily found using a search engine.

Gill Pringle   Contributing Writer

Born in Liverpool, trained in London media, Gill Pringle landed in Los Angeles 20 years ago where she has interviewed every household Hollywood name, including Australia’s most shiny stars. A consummate interrogator, she believes STACK readers should be spared from hearing about anyone’s craft. She is banned from interviewing Sandra Bullock.

Adam Colby   Online Writer

Long time journalist and STACK contributor, Adam loves it all. Movies, music, games and TV, Adam has been involved in the entertainment industry for longer than he can remember.

James Sanders   Pokémon Correspondent

Our expert in all things Poké, James continues to amaze and confound us with his encyclopedic knowledge of Pikachu and friends.

Sally Carlier-Hull   Contributing Writer

Sally is an old-school raver who’s been crazy about film since E.T. first phoned her home in 1982. With over 15 years of bristling experience in the Australian home entertainment industry, she uses words like ‘SEO’, ‘PPC’, ‘Reach’ and ‘Organic’ to sound clever.

Alesha Kolbe   Contributing Writer

Alesha enjoys long walks on Zanzibar beaches, holidays to the College of Winterhold, and hopes to one day be the very best, like no one ever was. She’s not afraid to check out a comic or twelve, and will happily spend her weekends marathoning LotR or Fast and Furious, given the chance.

Alex Deutrom  Online Writer

Comics, games, and everything lame. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little nerd. When Alex isn’t watching, reading, or writing he hosts the Shaken Not Nerd and Shaken Not nOOb Podcasts under the name Dudi.

Jeff Jenkins   Music Writer

Despite being old enough to know better, Jeff writes about music for a living. He has written books including 50 Years of Rock in Australia, Ego Is Not a Dirty Word: The Skyhooks Story and The Never, Um, Ending Story with Molly Meldrum, about the latter’s life. He is a regular on ABC radio.

Tim Lambert   Music Writer

Tim is a JB Hi-Fi ambassador and music man about town. He has numerous international festivals up his sleeve (Glastonbury, Scotland’s T in the Park, UK’s Sweatfest, UK’s The Big Chill, Barcelona’s Primavera) including a couple of Coachellas.

Billy Pinnell   Music Writer

Billy Pinnell is a radio broadcaster for 3AW, 6PR and 3RRR, as well as being a music writer and fan. He is passionate about exposing the music he loves through his reviews for STACK and in his iTunes podcast The Music Show. He’s also a virtuoso (untrained) of the spoons, tambourine and maracas, and hates anyone who reminds him that between 1970 and 1977 Collingwood contested five grand finals and won none of them.

Alice Thompson   Work Experience

A self-proclaimed pop-culture nut, Alice spends her time listening to music, reading books or watching the latest sci-fi and horror releases on TV.

GigPig Finalist   Music Writer

Our fresh sty of live music writers are heading to every corner of the country to bring you their opinions on the best live gigs in the land.

Denise Hylands   Music Writer

Denise Hylands just gets country music like no one else around.

Ryan Huff   Contributing Writer

Pop culture has been a part of Ryan’s life since before he can remember, although photographic evidence would suggest it was since the 12th of December when he dressed as He-Man for an end of year school parade. He is also entirely flummoxed that STACK hasn’t realised that he’s a complete hack.

Simon Winkler   Music Writer

Simon Winkler knows all the meanings of the word ‘pop.’

Simon Lukic   Music Writer

Simon has been under the spell of heavy metal since the age of 13. Three decades in and nothing seems to have changed; he continues his search for the best the genre has to offer.

Gareth Thompson   Online Writer

Gareth studied journalism in London. He later worked as a researcher for trade mag Music Week, also compiling wacky charts for the likes of Underground and Kerrang!. He co-edited the anarchic fanzine Overall (There Is a Smell of Fried Onions) and has had three young adult books published by Random House.

Judy Ewens   Online Writer

After starting out as a newspaper reporter, Judy has specialised in film and TV for nearly 30 years and has interviewed celebrities ranging from Barry Humphries to Christopher Walken. She has worked on magazines including Video Week, Film&TV Week and Radio Times and is currently a freelance writer for, among others, TV Times and TV & Satellite Week.

Jake Cleland   Music Writer

Jake Cleland lives in Melbourne, Australia, and can most often be found holding a pint in the front rows of local bandrooms.

Holly Pereira   Music Writer

Holly is a psychology graduate turned music industry go-getter and someone you’ll always find in the front of a crowd. Instantly recognisable from her signature glasses and interpretative dance moves, Holly likes to describe herself as Melbourne’s most dependable gig buddy.

Christo   Music Writer

Chris lives his life to a soundtrack, with a guitar, and sometimes forgets he’s humming it out loud. Queen, Queens of the Stone Age, Radiohead, Neil Young and Led Zeppelin are favourites but he’s always got an open ear to beauty. He also loves Los Angeles, Winter and the films of Paul Thomas Anderson. He remains a Londoner at heart. He is a neophyte podcaster Inside the Heliosphere and thinks that the secret to life is momentum.

Gage Pendergast   Writer

You’ll often find Gage sacrificing sleep, money and a healthy social life in preference for watching one more movie, playing one more game or ordering one more meal from Uber Eats. If there’s something that can be consumed in excess, he will be first in line.

Rebecca Fawcett-Smith  Writer

Categorised as a popular, rebellious nerd by her hubby, Rebecca is a regular
at P&C meetings, thumbs her nose at trends, and is happiest when hanging
with her backyard chooks.